General terms and conditions

Article 1
Duration of stay
  The customer having subscribed this contract for a firm stay, will not be able to, in no case, to succeed himself of an unspecified right to the maintenance in the places at the end of the stay.
Article 2
  The reservation becomes fix after the payment of the deposit of 30% of the total amount and the reception of the signed contract..
Article 3
Payment conditions
  The customer is held to pay the balance amount (70%) by arrival, before entering the apartment. (mode of payment).
Article 4
  The customer must arrive at the agreed day and to the agreed time indicated in the contract. In case of late arrival or unforeseen of last minute, the owner must be informed by telephone.

Article 5
by the guest


Any cancellation must be notified by Registered Letter, telegram or by e-mail within 15 days before the beginning of rental. The owner keeps the deposit of 30%. If the guest doesn’t give any news at the end of midnight, the owner has later on the right to sublet the apartment and the deposit will not be refunded. Also any shortened stay will not be refunded.

Article 6
of the owner

If the owner cancels the apartment before the beginning of the stay, he must inform the customer by Letter Registered with Acknowledgement of Delivery. The deposit will be refunded to the customer immediately.

Article 7
The number of people accommodated in the apartment will be specified with the reservation. The owner gives himself the right to refuse any additional person.

Article 8
Animals are not accepted.
Article 9
of the contract
by the customer
  The customer can give up his contract to a third person. This person takes over the contract on the same conditions and commits himselfs to the fulfilment of a contract
In this case, the customer is held to inform the owner of his decision by Registered Letter with Acknowledgement of Delivery, by e-mail or telephone latest 15 days before the beginning of the stay. The transfer of the contract must be carried out at the same conditions. The Yielding and the third is responsible of the payment of the balance of the price.

Article 10
The customer must pay for all the damage which have occurred at the time of his stay. The owner declines any responsibility on this subject and refuses any recourse coming from other person.

Article 11
Inventory of fixtures

An inventory will be established at arrival and at the beginning of the lodging. This inventory list is the only reference in the event of litigation concerning the inventory of fixtures.
Also the cleanliness of the lodging at arrival must be noted down at arrival. The maintenance of the apartment will be the responsibility of the customer (during the stay).

Article 12
With the arrival of the customer in the apartment, a guarantee whose amount is indicated on the descriptive card, is required by the owner. With the contradictory establishment of the inventory of fixtures of exit, this depot is restored, deduction made of the cost of repairing of the places if degradations were noted.
In the event of anticipated departure (former to the hours mentioned on the descriptive card) preventing the establishment of the inventory of fixtures the day of the departure of the customer, the dept of guarantee is returned by the owner within a time not later than a week.

Article 13
of final account
With the end of the stay the customer must discharge to the owner benefits - not included in the price:
final cleaning of the apartment € 50
Supplement of electricity 0.22 € /kw
Hiring: bedcover and pillowslip € 10 / person
1 towel + 1 glove € 5 / person